Our Privacy Policies

We believe your privacy belongs to you and we try to do that in the best ways we can. We try to make our products signless and not store any data at all about our clients.

However, the data we store helps our company in detecting growth and what features to improve, for example, data we store will include crashes and analytics but are not linked to any account or anyone's information.

We DO NOT sell your data because we don't own any of your personal data for most of our applications.

Note that some apps and products will require your data, and in such cases, we do not share the data with anyone apart from those that help our products run. Those products solely require the data to run.

Any adverts done on our platform are solely third party adverts, however, we may do our own adverts that may rely on analytics performed by third party providers.


Some of our products may use third party providers to give you the best experience and in doing so, may require cookies to be stored on your device. By continuing to use the products, you allow the cookies to be stored on your device. If you do not wish to allow the use of cookies, you may simple stop using our products

Your Privacy, your right!

We strive for your privacy and we shall keep it that way.

In any update to the privacy policies, we shall update them with indications that it has been updated.


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