Our Legal Policies

We all hate reading long documentation and always just press I agree without thinking twice about what we are agreeing to.

So we'll have a short summarised version and a long detailed version. We recommend when you have some free time, read the long version. Its entertaining, :) , Well, we were very excited when we were writing it out.

The short Version

Definition of terms

We refers to Cryosoft Corporation and its staff.

You refers to you who is reading this and any third party Cryosoft Corporation interacts with.

Society refers to the general public in the thought of good will to the people in general.

Our Policies

We have the right to change these terms.

We have the right to change the information on our websites and apps without prior approval.

We have the right to stop a service or product without any prior approval or concent from our clients.

The software provided is to be used as intended and is provided as is. Any misuse will not be our responsibility except where it is caused by our end.

We have the right to change our prices and our services at any given moment.

We hold the right to cancel any project at anytime. We will not be liable for any project cancelled.

We have the right to cancel any order or service denied to a user without any explanation provided to the user.

We have a right to refuse any refund of any project that has been started and cancelled by the users.

We have a right to establish our own deadlines and are not controlled in anyway by deadlines stipulated by the clients. This states that a client who has a deadline set, should inform the company before hand and not midway projects.

We have a right to use any technology we deem fit for projects and have the freedom to use the ones that we choose to. We therefore are not to abide to any technology you wish to be used by our clients.

The long version

Cryosoft Corporation is a private company that is situated in Nairobi and Kisumu, Kenya.

Cryosoft Corporation, intends to use the tech space to provide solutions to users and corporate sector in order to reach a mutual benefit of all parties involved.


Yeah... nobody reads this, so we'll update it when people decide to read this.